Posted by: mhelen37 | June 15, 2008

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

My sister and I did a tap dance to that song when we were young and it’s stuck w/me!!

Okay, so I have a blog!  Why you may ask?  I’m not really sure, just because everyone else does and I feel the need to share w/the world what is happening in my little space!  I’m a 37 year old stay-at-home mom of 2 beautiful children (Luke & Liv).  Married to a great guy, JT for 13 years….recently become a vegetarian and also a runner in the last year.   I think my goal in this blog (if there is a goal) is to document our life and try to emphasize the positive in our lives by writing it!  I do believe that if you dream it, it will happen.  This blog is my way of dreaming and also seeing the good in my life!

And that includes:

  • my good-looking and kind husband
  • my beautiful, smart, caring Livvie
  • my happy, fun-loving Luke
  • my health (I ran 5 miles yesterday)
  • comfortable home
  • great family
  • wonderful friends

Now I’ll just have to refer to this list on a daily basis, whenever I’m bitching at my good-looking hubby or wonderful kids, or cleaning my comfortable home…etc!  You get the picture, I’m just your normal girl trying to be grateful for a good life!!!

Today is Father’s Day so I’m really grateful that my kids have a wonderful dad.  I’m also happy that he’s working today.  That sounds awful, but he chose to and is excited about it.  It’s just an added bonus that I didn’t have to get up and supervise coffee and breakfast in bed! Olivia really was looking forward to that.  But we slept in a bit, which was a good thing since Olivia woke me up at 1:30 and threw up all over my bedroom floor!  Too many blueberries…..sorry for the visual!  Anyhow, she’s fine now and we are going to head off to swim at a friend’s house this afternoon.  We skipped church 😦 b/c of her episode last night, so I’m feeling a bit guilty about that.  There is definitely room for improvement in our spiritual life!!! How’s that for accentuating the positive??


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