Posted by: mhelen37 | June 16, 2008

The Young and the Resting!! And other “news”

I have got to stop watching the news!!  Seriously, it doesn’t do anything good for me!  I truly believe that “real people” probably didn’t think there was anything wrong w/the economy at the beginning of this year.  At least, not until everyone and their brother kept saying the “R” word!  Tim Russert died, flooding in Iowa, no corn, food prices going up etc!!  It’s all Doom & Gloom, AND I think the anchors enjoy having downers to report!

So I’m going to make a real effort to try to monitor my news viewing and cutback, maybe even all daytime TV (except for The Young and The Restless!)  That’s my guilty pleasure, and I don’t even feel that guilty!

Speaking of my Young & Restless:Today we slept in, so I probably won’t be working out this AM.  Liv has swim team this afternoon, so I’m tossing around the idea of running on the treadmill (I hate the TM, but I’m doing better at making myself use it b/c of the heat!)  Liv is still sleeping at 9:15!!  You gotta love the pool, it wears them OUT!  So today I’m grateful for lazy Sundays at the pool!

In my quest to keep the Restless busy, I’m signing Liv up for a Kids in the Kitchen workshop.  I wish there was something for 4 year-old boys!  Maybe a BIG TRUCK workshop, or Your Dad’s Lawnmower: Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask???  I’ll have to look into that…..



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