Posted by: mhelen37 | June 20, 2008

Silver Linings & Such…

Wow!  I’m not a good blogger I guess!  Let’s just say, I’m glad I don’t have anyone reading right now!!! 

This started out as a pretty hectic week, and it was mostly my fault.  In April, I borrowed a pack-n-play from a girl in my Mom’s group.  She told me not to worry about getting it to her, so of course I didn’t.  I DID put it in the trunk of my car, so that I would always have it w/me in case I had the time or urge to return it.  My husband took it out of the trunk for some good reason (I’m not being sarcastic) and put it in the garage.  Due to his busy schedule, he did not ever put it back in my trunk (a little sarcasm injected here).  I know,that I could have put the p-n-p back in my car any number of times as I passed it day after day, but I didn’t, so therefore, this situation is my fault.  You see, on Monday, Christy emailed that her brother was in for a visit and they needed the p-n-p.  I got everyone together and went to put the stuff in my car and smelled cat PEE!!!  A neighborhood cat had pi**ed on the danged p-n-p.  I was so, umm, pi**ed!!!!!  Now I had to go to Wally World and buy a new p-n-p and then tell my friend that I can’t seem to take care of items I borrow…..I felt like such a LOSER!!!  Of course, Christy felt bad that I went out and bought a new pack-n-play, but I insisted that was the only solution that would make me feel better.  I just hope the old one had no sentimental value!!!  Now, she just has to have another baby to get her use out of this new one, LOL

So, on the way home, I was trying to let go of my anger at myself and hubby and this thought came into my head….hmmmm, well, I can write about this on my blog!  There’s always a silver lining, huh???

Just to catch up, I ran on Tuesday, a 5k in 27+ minutes, can’t remember the exact numbers, but it was a PR for me!!  Now my heel is hurting, I hope it’s not plantar fascitis (however you spell it).  Wednesday I worked and the kiddos went to a Kids Day Out.  They really enjoyed it, and Luke behaved.  I was a bit worried, b/c the son of a friend of mine was kicked out for misbehavior 😦  The funny part is that one of the camp counselors told this story (I guess as a motivator to get the kids to behave) to the KIDS…Olivia, who is a stickler for following rules promptly came home and told me all about this!!  All I could think was that my friend would be horrified if she knew they were talking about her child this way!!!!  I sure hope they don’t have any reason to talk about Luke in the future, YIKES!!!

Today was a Pump class; I lifted more weight than normal.  We’ll see if I can move my arms tomorrow!  The kids are now playing next door now!  Thank goodness my neighbors have returned from their 2 WEEK vacation!  Luke is skipping his nap, but I still get some quiet time!!  Another silver lining, I guess!


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