Posted by: mhelen37 | November 23, 2008

catching up

Yes, I’m alive and well….just neglected this blog.  Since I’ve last posted, I suffered a stress fracture in my tibia, went on vacation to Florida, work trip to NOLA, kids started school, had minor surgery, recovered from fracture, celebrated Halloween, went to LA for Dave’s party, voted, celebrated my bday, Liv’s bday, had slumber party for 9 girls, and I’ve now caught you up.

Stress fracture was due to my vegetarian adventure; I guess my string cheese addiction was all that kept me from snapping apart.  Apparently, no calcium and continued running were my downfall.  I’m back at it and up to 5k, so far so good!  I was not happy w/my 12 weeks off.  I did finally come to terms w/it and developed a good relationship w/the elliptical and my spin instructors, but so happy to be back outside.  The worst thing was that I missed the prime time FALL running.  The beautiful, not too hot, but definitely not cold days!  I hate cold weather!

Florida was great, not much more to say, except the beach is wonderful and my friends are too!  A week was perfect: spa day and shopping day fit right in and you don’t feel rushed!dsc01585

I’ll post some pics of Dave’s party, Karaoke was soooooooo much fun!dsc01740

Here are a couple of other random funny, strange things that have happened recently:  while driving down a 4 lane street near my home, a black horse ran up in the lane beside me….yes a real one, a BIG one.  He then proceeded to get in front of me (no signalling, thank you very much!)  SO weird! People were taking pics w/their cell phones.  Then the  po-po showed up and spooked the horse w/a siren….hmmmmmm not smart.  I had to continue my day and couldn’t stay in the Kroger parking lot to watch this unfold. As Black Beauty went across a VERY busy intersection safely, I decided to go get my shopping done!  Such is life in N MS!

Also, on Friday, Luke told me he wants to start work on his autobiography, What???? I’m sure it will be filled w/intrigue (I hid my sister’s Bitty Baby, where is my blankie?)  scandal (I’m in time out AGAIN!!! what will Mommy say?) and romance (he and our next door neighbor are planning on getting married and living HERE!).  He is a funny kid. 

Livvie had her 8th (gulp) bday slumber party Friday.  All I can say is that I’m a Rock Star Mommy and that won’t be happening again soon.  The girls were great, but it is tiring keeping them busy enough so that they don’t turn on each other or you!!!  It was fun: full of make up, nail polish, crafts, cupcakes, music, dance and noise!  (and just a bit of sleep!) 

I will now enjoy my lazy Sunday!!!


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