Posted by: mhelen37 | August 22, 2009


Two slightly sick kiddos, one husband at the airport, one mommy who was up way too late last night=not the best way to start your 1/2 marathon training! It’s okay, though, we have to shop for bday presents this morning for the THREE bday parties today….Yea, that season has begun and I need to add some space in my budget for buying all those dang presents!
Right now, Luke is making a card for Olivia to cheer her up, she says her throat hurts….It’s sweet, but he cannot spell, so I’m really dictating what the card should say! Olivia is reading my Better Homes & Garden Cookbook….writing down a recipe to make upstairs in her kitchen! She & Luke are playing house and are neighbors (instead of honeys , like they used to do). In the old days, they would pretend they were married, her name Sinclair, his name Bald, (don’t know, don’t ask!). Bald & Sinclair are a pretty fun couple, they’d come over for dinner w/their 5!! kids. Bald would try to tell me about his job and Sinclair would whisper sweet things about her “husband” such as…”he doesn’t work much” or “I ALWAYS cut the grass” Yep, good times w/the Balds!
Here’s a pic of the happy couple on their first day of school this year:Sinclair & Bald


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