Posted by: mhelen37 | August 23, 2009

A Wonderfully Smelly Homecoming

Ahhhhhhh, a week at the beach, what could be better?  The kids are finally old enough that the parents can park their behinds in a beach chair and relax.  No jellyfish barely any jellyfish to ruin a beach day, great weather with just enough rain, good friends and a few adult beverages all add up to a great week! 

Leaving the beach is hard.  The eight hour drive with kids is hard.  Pulling into your driveway and entering your home (the one you cleaned before you left, so it would be ready to greet you) should be comforting, right?  Well, it was….in the initial moments.  Then we see the living room curtains have been pulled down….Okay?. And the dining room tablecloth is askew….What happened here?  We left our 12 year old cat, Pips home to hold down the fort.  We left him food and water and we made sure to have a neighbor check in with him every other day to replenish his supply and reassure  him that he wasn’t forgotten.   What we didn’t realize was that we had left him something else….but I’ll get to that in a moment. 

So here we are, looking at our downstairs that seems slightly askew, but not too bad.  As I’m examining the curtains, my daughter goes upstairs to check out her “crib”.  This is when it gets ugly, folks.  She screams “there’s poop all over my bed, ewwwwwwwwwwww it stinks in here!!!”

At the same time I realize there is poop on the curtains!  What the heck??? Okay, so Pips was obviously not happpy with us!   We are really perplexed, as we have left him home before with no problems…what was different this time? 

Poor Pips, I was giving him the evil eye and threatening to make a pair of gray slippers out of him for the next 24 hours!  Note that time folks, because it is key to this story.  My lovely husband cleans out the garage and cat box, because  we are hoping a  clean garage and cat box will entice our gray kitty to use the correct facilities  (as in, not my kids’ beds!).  I head into my closet to unpack (yes, it takes me a whole day to decide to unpack) and notice my black slippers.  As I pick up a bag, my black slippers take off out of the closet!  WHAT????  The black slippers (kitten) race out of my house, past my husband and Pips, and disappear into the night. I’m really glad they were there to see the cat, because it happened so fast, I almost could not believe it myself!  

What have I learned from this experience….1 extra kitten=a LOT of cat poop,  if a cat doesn’t want to be found, you won’t find it (at least not for24 hrs.),  a mattress w/poop on it cannot be salvaged, AND your vacation zen can disappear pretty quickly….much faster than you might realize! So in closing, I say to you….please be sure to check your home for foreign animals before you shut that garage door… really don’t want to come home to Poopapalooza 2009!


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