Posted by: mhelen37 | August 23, 2009

Magic Shoes or How to Save Your Husband’s Soul

I had a really great run this morning. I mean REALLY great. It was fun, I was feeling good, my mind was engaged and the time just flew by. Why, you may ask, was it so wonderful??? What can be attributed to this feeling of joy and quickness that I felt this AM??  Well, there are a couple of reasons I ran so happily, practically skipping through my neighborhood:

1. New shoes! Exactly like my old ones, same size, same color, BUT new shoes are always cushy and bouncy adding an extra spring to your step. They make you feel faster, and dare I say, look better (at least less dingy!) The best part is that these shoes were cheaper this time around. I used holabird and since they are last year’s model, they were on sale. I also got free shipping. I wasn’t quite at the $65 amount, so I added a supercool retro Wilson headband for $2. Sadly, NO I didn’t wear the headband today!  I don’t know if me or my neighborhood is ready for that yet!

2. The weather is delicious this morning! It’s really what we wait for all summer long… low humidity and cool, about 68 or so! It’s SO nice not to be blinded by the sweat dripping into your eyes while you run.

3. I went to Mass yesterday, so I was feeling pretty good about myself, no Catholic guilt here! My darling husband decided he was going this morning. About 30 minutes into my run, I realized I was going to have to book it to make it home in time for him to get to church on time. Believe me, I didn’t want that blemish on MY soul, I went to church yesterday, remember???? I have enough to worry about w/my own shortcomings, I really don’t want to add his to my list too!!!

So, it may have been the shoes, the weather, saving my husband’s soul from eternal hell, or it could have been the dogs that chased me (Come on people!  Watch your mutts!) Whatever the reason, my run was lovely and fast!
And, yes, he had the car waiting in the driveway and drove off as I rounded the corner like Usain Bolt! I hope he wasn’t late 🙂


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