Posted by: mhelen37 | September 6, 2009

UnLabor Day

I love Sunday mornings….except for the guilt of skipping church…I REALLY love Sunday mornings when I went to church Saturday PM. No such luck today, but oh well.  It’s a glorious 3 day weekend and only day 2!  My kiddos are up early, watching Sleeping Beauty, and all is calm and quiet for the moment!
So, the past week, hmmmmmmmm what to say??
Started on my 1/2 mary training, 5 mi, 5 mi, and 7 mi yesterday. It was fantabulous. I ran my last mile in 8 minutes, whoot whoot!  The total time was 1:04 for 7 miles…I’m hoping I can be under 2hrs for the 1/2!
Sick baby boy, though he’s not acting it. Just coughing and snotty! We went to mexican Friday evening w/K&B AND, crazy people  great friends that they are, they wanted to take BOTH kids to sleep at their house. I told K, she must be tipsy from the margaritas and the fact that the Whitesox were beating the sox off of Boston! Sooooo, they had a great time, but my poor friends, I’m sure were super-tired yesterday! Luke came home w/a slight fever and cough, etc..I was worried it might be Swine (oink, oink) so I took him to Urgent Care-but a 2 hour wait, ummm heck no….decided to try the clinic at a local drugstore….but what the??? they don’t accept BCBS in MS???? By that time, I was done and decided we’d try this again tomorrow if he still had fever! So far, no fever, but I think this kid needs something to fight this off, so he doesn’t get the oink.  I hate having to worry about this stuff!
B/c of his fever, I stayed home from LobsterFest 09 😦 A good friend of ours from Mass. has a big party every year and gets lobster, yummmo. Luckily Em brought me a care package.

(imagine my huuuuuge yummy lobster pictured here!)

The pilot went to the party, but Em came to visit me (she couldn’t take hanging w/the older crowd and came to visit me instead!) Isn’t it great when an almost 18 yo thinks you are young???? Sooooooo today, I’m contemplating a lobster salad!! I just know I’ll have to fight the hubby off of it:) Maybe buying a newspaper, making lobster salad, and watching my netflix are all on my agenda today….gotta watch that I don’t work too much on this holiday weekend!


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