Posted by: mhelen37 | September 13, 2009

no Swining allowed

Oink Oink, not for sure, but we are taking Relenza as if it is…my kids are anyway.  They were home from school all of last week, so I didn’t work.  It was boring but restful.  I did manage to get in 5 mi, 6 mi, 6 mi this past week, yeah baby 🙂  Lovin my 1/2 mary training!!! 

Lazy Sunday morning AGAIN.  JT is taking Liv to church after church school and Luke is slurping up his cereal….so cute!!  I love how he holds his spoon, like a shovel and when he’s almost done, scooping each cheerio up one by one while he snuffles b/c of his major stuffy nose!!!

In other news, we are trying to be healthy eaters around here.  JT has decided to follow the Body for Lifeplan, and is trying to implement all kinds of health craziness.  Of course, it is things that I have tried before (whole wheat pasta) that he hated, but since it’s his idea, it’s all good!  We have tons of fruits and veggies.  It really is true, grapes are yummy when you have nothing else (i.e. cookies)  I’m still making my green smoothies and have taken to having myoplex shakes right after my run.  I really believe the protein shake not long after I run really aids my legs!  The only thing I don’t really like about BFL plan is the fat-free idea.  I really think that full fat options or even low fat are better than fat free (they definitely taste better).  To me, if you are eating tons of fruits/veggies, then it’s okay to have full fat salad dressing (just not a cup of it)  My other new fav thing is greek yogurt.  Oh my yum-plain w/some honey on it and nuts, chia seeds, granola whatever….THAT is a good dessert, seriously people!

Just found out a project I’ve been volunteering for has been postponed until next year.  It’s kind of disappointing, BUT frees up some time….I did enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I received from helping out.  And it’s so nice to hear people thank you so much for little things like making phone calls, emails!  I know I’m so much happier than I was this time last year and I believe it comes from working/volunteering.  Finally, I’ve realized that my happiness comes from doing something that I think is important and I do like recognition, just an “atta girl” every once in a while, from someone other than my family!!!  So to all of you bored stay at home moms:  find something that you enjoy and figure out a way to do it:  volunteering for a project/group, a goal such as a race, etc.   I have to say w/this Plank Road Festival,I was worried about having time to attend meetings, etc with JT flying and the kids….but I did a lot of behind the scenes work and received so much feedback from it.  I can’t wait to work on it for next year!

Did anyone see this:

I think Serena acted like an a**, AND I’m the one always trying to defend her to my husband b/c he just doesn’t like her for some reason…He thinks she’s a man.  And after all of THIS, he thinks he might be right!!


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