Posted by: mhelen37 | September 20, 2009

Catechism for Adults

Again I struggle with how much honesty is too much??!!!  Do I tell you that we skipped church today and are hanging out in our pjs?  Do I say that I hung out last night on the internet and drank chardonnay and ate 2 slices of key lime pie while my kids watched disney movies?  True, yes?  Sad and a bit depressing, yes?  Did I enjoy myself, Yes!!!  So don’t cry for me internet world!!  I’m okay….

My guilt for skipping church is a bit assuaged by the fact that I spent 2.5 hours yesterday at a first communion retreat for parents yesterday….The two sisters who put the retreat on basically went through the entire Mass using today’s readings, so I feel that I at least know what was being read at church today…..The guilt comes in because I do KNOW that it is my responsibility to take my kids to church and I’m shirking that today….(don’t you love my $2 words, “shirk” and “assuage”)  I tried not to have a bad attitude, but at the beginning of this “retreat”  the sister (who obviously is in music ministry, she sings really well)  basically told us that if we don’t sing, we aren’t praying.  I understood that these hymns are prayers, but it is easy to say you should sing when you sound good….I warble the best I can…but I don’t think singing is the gift that God wants me to share.  I’m just saying, singing is her gift, she can share it, but don’t preach to me about that.  I did get alot out of it, some things I must have missed in my 6 years of catechism and 6 years of Catholic middle/high school.   Here’s one other point they made that I disagreed with:  they did NOT like the fact that so many people like to read from the missalette  Why???  They said it was a prayer and you should actively Listen, I say that I like to read it and get a picture in my mind of what is being said.  As it is, some of the readings are worded in such a strange way, I need to read and reread them just to understand it….And if we adults have such short attention spans (they said 15 min or so) then as soon as I look up from my book, my mind is wandering.  I find reading keeps me on task…..don’t know just my thoughts.  I guess they are saying I should just be open and maybe God is going to speak to me if I concentrate on listening….I’ll try it b/c I do respect what they have to say, they are the experts!

On the running front:  Did 7mi/6mi/5mi this week….No other workouts, but I’m pretty happy with it.  My 6 miles were at the track as a pseudo speed workout….I really don’t know what I’m doing w/that, but it was fun.  I ran 3.06 mi in 26 minutes, pretty excited about that!  On a flat, I’m faster than I thought!  My 5 miler was yesterday while my children were at a bday party (YAY!)  My garmin battery died, and I was on my own….some people love that freedom, but I was lost!   I was so worried about the time, b/c I had to pick up the kids, that I didn’t enjoy my run.  Also, maybe a bit of soreness from my fast run Thursday  AND I didn’t know how fast I was…I just went by time: looking for 45 minutes or so.  It did pour on me right at the end, which was so wonderful, I was hot and tired and then I was soaking wet….Fun!


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