Posted by: mhelen37 | November 10, 2009

10 miles, Seven kinds of SMOKE

I did my second 10 miler this past Saturday and it was so sweet!  It felt pretty effortless and just seemed to whiz on by.  It really makes me think about how much of this is a mental game.  Once your mind is used to the idea, your body just follows right along with it.  But, in saying that, my mind likes the idea because my body has the training behind it.  Running is just like anything else, preparation is key!

I started off about 830 and did 5.4 miles, came back by my house for gu, water, and potty break…kept on trucking and finished my 10 and had a bit of a cooldown.  My time was 1:31 and that included my pit stop!  That is my fastest time ever for that distance.  I’m super psyched!  After the run, I used my foam roller.  Let me tell you that thing is the bomb!!  My wonderful hub remembered that I’d mentioned wanting one and bought it for me for my bday.  We both love it.  It’s a great stretching/massaging tool and so easy to use. 

Then my weekend went downhill in a fun sort of way….K & B came over to watch football, eat wings and drink wine (or watch me drink too much wine)   😦   I felt like a big ole poo on Sunday AM.  Wine and I are going to have to split ways.  I drink it too fast and (after 10 miles was a bit thirsty) well guess what?  it’s not gonna quench your thirst! 

Busy week ahead, Livvie’s first communion on Saturday, lots of fam coming in.  Last night we realized her dress was not going to work.  I sped out to TarJay at 9pm an snagged the last white/ivory dress for under $25 in this town!!!  NOW I just need to find her some white/ivory shoes,  yea good luck w/that in November right?

Today’s to do list includes: 6 miles, bank, bakery, grocery, laundry, work, haircut for Liv…..Let’s see how that goes!  I wish I just had a 10 miler on the list!!!!


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