Posted by: mhelen37 | February 28, 2010

How to almost miss your Fab Vacation

What a great vacation!!!! For only being 4 days, it was so perfect 🙂  Let’s back up a bit, so you’ll understand just how much I needed this getaway:

I worked Friday from about 9-330.  Hubby left early Friday AM to get to Miami for free, pick up car, and get our condo.  My flight was at 730PM (first class, more on that later).  My plan was to get home before the kids got off the bus…Yep, well there is a new bus driver and somehow they have managed to get my kids home 20 mins early-30 mins late as they work this out.  So, on Friday, of course, they were early!!  No problemo, Livvie has a garage door opener and gets in the house just fine.  They call me, ask for a snack and all is well.  I do ask them not to stuff their snacks down their throats, as I’m on my way home and I don’t want any choking, etc.  Livvie replies, “Don’t worry mom, I know CPR.”  So cute!!! 

I’m driving home, dreaming about the beach, when I get a frantic phone call from my firstborn.  She is hysterical!!  My first thought is that dang kid is choking on his Nutty Buddy!!!  But no, I finally get it out of her that Luke was playing with the phone and somehow dialled 911….Okay, I had told Liv she could call her friend Lindsey; phone calls to chat between friends are new to her, and I guess since I wasn’t home, Luke found this a great opportunity to harass his sister.  How that ended up in a 911 call, I’m not sure, but there you go….I was literally 2 minutes from home, and now I’m worried that the cops are going to show up before I get home.  Great-They are going to call Child Services and I won’t be able to go to Miami!!!  Is that an inappropriate mom thought at the time??? I don’t think so, if you are a mom, and hadn’t been on a grown-up vacay in YEARS people, you’d think the same!!!

Needless to say, I made it home before the po po, calmed down the innocent child-she was SO distraught she actually told me “Mom, I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!”  I also tried to get the guilty party to 1) admit his fault and 2) be somewhat upset- I actually said “You (pointing to Liv) need to chill and YOU (pointing to Luke) need to be a bit more upset!!!”  LOL

I made him answer the door when the police showed up and that is where I saw a crack in his cool demeanor!!  They went pretty easy on him, but I do think it scared him….

After all of that fun, I had to finish up packing and get ready for my FIRST CLASS ticket to fun :0  I’ll have to continue this later…


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