Posted by: mhelen37 | February 28, 2010

St. Jude Half Marathon RR

I’m not sure how I missed this post….I guess life just got in the way!!

I ran the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon on Dec. 5, 2009.  What a great race!  I woke up pretty early, ate my bagel w/peanut butter, coffee, water.  Did my business (PRP) and was good to go!  JT got the kids ready and we were out the door by about 7AM.   I was so excited to have the fam w/me again for this race.  My hub is really supportive of my running and I really appreciate all of them getting out on this cold morning (about 36).  Luckily, there was no wind for the race.   They dropped me off in front of AutoZone Park and found a place to park.  I didn’t see them again until I ran by them at about mile 3.  I walked to the start (w/a quick porta potty stop) and tried to stay warm 🙂  I wore long pants, a techno turtleneck, my Nike zip vest, and a sweatshirt I had cut up the front for easy removal.  I also had a great hat that has a hole for my ponytail.  I love it b/c it covers my ears and keeps me warm. 

The race was organized really well and I found my corral (840-905, I believe?) pretty quickly.  While I was waiting for the start, I chit-chatted w/a man and his daughter.  He seemed like a race veteran from LA, so it was fun to talk about races he’s done there and just racing in general…The race started w/a sweet little girl (St. Jude patient) singing the National Anthem-that was probably one of the best moments, really made me happy to be doing this race!  They started us in waves, w/about a minute or so between waves and soon enough we were off.

The pace was a bit fast at first, maybe about 840 and I’m used to starting slow and working up.  Also, my toes felt like they were asleep from being cold!  At mile 1, I realized I had forgotten to reset my Garmin when I started it, dang (not the word I used), so of course, my time was a bit off from then on!  But our first mile was 838, and they were all about that fast.  I averaged a 905 for the race, so I lost the pacer, but was pretty close!  At mile 2, I threw off my sweatshirt.  At mile 3, which was packed up w/spectators, I was feeling great and looking for the fam.  Luckily, Liv had a red coat on, so I eventually spotted them and that made my day 🙂    After they saw me, JT took the kids to brunch at the Peabody, nice, huh?

We continued the race through all spots of Memphis: the Pyramid, St. Jude’s campus (second best part), the zoo, Rhodes College area, etc.   I took a Gu at mile 6 and another at mile 8ish.  Normally, I only do 1 Gu, but I knew I was running faster and going for a PR and might need a bit more oomph!  Also, I was alternating water and sports drink- I forget what they had, but it worked….Around mile 9 or 10, the urge to pee hit me, but I didn’t want to stop….I tried my best to hold it, but I’m pretty sure I may or may not have peed on myself as I was heading up the big hill around mile 12!! I’m hardcore like that, LOL!!!  The finish was in AutoZone Park and they called our names as we crossed the line, very cool!  My official time was 1:58:44-I hit my goal of under 2 hours and beat my last time by about 7 minutes, Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I grabbed a water, and a mylar blanket,  hit the restroom and then found my family!  After that, I grabbed a hot chocolate (in hindsight, prob not the best post-race drink), and some other snackies.  There was hot soup, bananas, crackers, all kinds of good stuff.  Also, there was beer, so I did grab a glass of that, purely for rehydration purposes!    We stood around for a bit and as I realized I was FREEZING, we walked over to the Peabody so that the kids could watch the ducks march in while I changed into warm clothes!  All in all, a perfect race day, a bit cold for me, but really great conditions and great organization..


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