Posted by: mhelen37 | March 7, 2010

Green Smoothies & Wine

Does that grab your attention??  Oh, who’s reading anyway….One day I might be brave enough to give out my blog address to peeps, but for now, this is just for lil ole me

Back to the title, I wanted to post about something I’ve been doing for the past year or so that I LOVE!  It is the Green Smoothie.  Basically, it’s your standard smoothie, with the addition of spinach.  Yes, you’ve read that right, spinach.  I swear to you that you cannot taste it, in fact I think they are really yum!  My kids even like them.  The trick is to disguise the spinach w/the other stuff.  I cannot recall exactly where I first read about them, but if you google “green smoothie”, you’ll find tons of sites w/recipes.  The basic premise is that we cannot digest all of the good stuff that spinach ahs to offer b/c of the tough cell walls.  By pureeing it in the blender, we give our bodies more of a shot of digesting some of the nutrients.  Not sure if this is true or not, but seeing as I’m not planning on having a spinach salad for breakfast, I think I’m one step ahead of the game if I put spinach in a smoothie for my breakie!  Here is the basic recipe(s) I follow:

Original Green Smoothie:

orange juice (about 1/2 cup or more)

handful of spinach

one apple cleaned and cut up into chunks (leave skin on)

1/2 frozen banana

any other fruits you’d like (frozen or otherwise)

crushed ice

blend all on low (puree) and ice and blend on high and enjoy!  I also have added a tablespoon of peanut butter, almond butter, etc.

Now after a run I add spinach to a Myoplex Lite smoothie (chocolate or vanilla).  This is definitely superyum and you can’t taste the green at all.  The possibilities are endless w/the fruits you can add.  OJ + vanilla myoplex and spinach still tastes like an Orange Julius  (remember those?).  Crushed pineapple +vanilla myoplex + 1/2 frozen banana + spinach + a bit of coconut extract= Pina Colada 🙂  See? So good and actually good for you…

Now the wine part:  I gave it up for Lent, What what?  Yep (well except for that whole Miami thing, but that was vacay!)  I also gave up Facebook and both endeavors are going well.  I actually gave up drinking, not just wine, and I’m loving the feeling that I’m really taking care of myself and feeling great when I wake up in the AM!  Apparently, even a glass at night might be wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns??  Who knew?  Although I do have a cold now, but I think I can thank my lil man for that one….I’m hoping all of the healthiness I’m exposing myself to will kick this cold’s a** outta here!


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