Posted by: mhelen37 | March 9, 2010

Ball o Fire

I hate to even write this, b/c by writing it down, I make it real….My foot hurts!  It’s the ball of my right foot and it’s sore.  Of course I’ve googled it and come up with this.  I’m hoping that all of this is just a passing thing that was brought on by my standing in my heeled boots (they are cute, but have no real padding) Friday evening while selling Girl Scout cookies w/my little Brownie.  I was freezing cold and by the end of the night, my feet were numb.  The next day, I started to feel some twinges…uh-oh! 

To complicate matters, I went from Asics Cumulus 10s to Cumulus 11s last week.  Now I know the 10s have been superceded for awhile, but I found new pairs online and LOVED them…When I finally exhausted the supply of 7.5s, I ordered the same size in 11s, did 2 runs in them, and they seemed okay.  Could they have something to do with this pain?  I’ve been injury-free for 3 years, but I always run with that sense of worry: will it happen again?  I just try to enjoy each run knowing that I probably won’t be able to do this forever.

So, I went out to my local CVS and bought metatarsal pads and I’m hoping that they will help me to heal.  I didn’t run today, did some cross-training instead, and I’m hoping that this will work itself out!


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