Posted by: mhelen37 | March 13, 2010

100 Things About Me Part 1

1.  I’m vain  2. I drove a short bus in college (for gifted kids,LOL)  3.  I get my feelings hurt easily.  4.  At 39, I’m just feeling comfortable standing up for myself.  5.  I’m bossy  6.  I think one of my gifts is my friendliness.  7.  I don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings. 8.  I think I’m smart.  9.  I’m surpised when I’m wrong, but I can admit it.  10.  Except to my husband, that bugs me.  11.  Mostly b/c I think he thinks I’m not as smart as him.  12. I’m competitive w/him b/c of that.   13.  I hate that.  14.   I think my marriage could be better.  15.  I have great kids (REALLY, they aren’t your average kids).  16.  I like to eat and think about food alot.  17.  I like to drink and think about wine alot.  18.  I worry that I drink too much.  18.  re: 14 I think I do have a pretty good marriage, just room for improvement.  19.  I  have great sisters/brothers/in-laws.  20.  I do enjoy getting together w/my family.  21.  I LOVE Louisiana.  22. I LOVE New Orleans, so much character and interesting stuff!  23. I prefer NFL to college football.  24.  I hate basketball.  25.  I think pro athletes are full of themselves, and overpaid and given way too much attention, especially b/c most of them are not very smart.  26.  I feel the same about most movie stars!  27.  I love to cook, but don’t like to clean up.  28.  I like to fold clothes and hate to pick them up.  29.  It’s hard to relax if my house is a mess.  30.  I have the best friends in the world, beautiful people inside and out.  31.  I think I am destined to travel, just not sure when.  32.  I need to save more $.  33.  I don’t like alot of responsiblity.  34.  I don’t like to be in charge (except of my kids!) 35. I like approval and recognition for a job well done.  36.  I have blue eyes and love them, just don’t think brown eyes are as pretty. 37.  I’ve had blonde hair (not natural) since I was 17, except for a few months here or there.  38.  My hair is reddish-brown right now and I’m considering staying darker.  39.  I really appreciate my part-time job! 40.  Before I had kids, I hated working, b/c I wanted to stay home and do “my” stuff.  40.  I have to eat something sweet everyday. 41. I’ve changed my eating habits alot this past year and have lost about 5 lbs w/out trying. 42.  I think Honeycrisp apples are the bomb! 43. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more of a loner, I enjoy time by myself now. 44. I’ve also become WAY neater than I was-almost a complete 180! 45. I don’t think I can do 100 things, maybe 50??  46.  I could almost be a vegetarian, if I think too much about my food.  47.  I do LOVE a good steak or hamburger.  48. The beach is one of my fav places. 49. I’m a WHITE girl, tho, no golden glow 😦  50. I’m pretty happy with myself today

to be continued?…..  That is hard to do!



  1. Never would have thought #3 about you getting your feelings hurt easily! BTW, love this idea of your blog!! Keep writing!

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