Posted by: mhelen37 | March 17, 2010


Who knows if I’ll ever finish the 100 things about me-so boring really!  Isn’t writing a blog self-centered enough???  So I’ve now started reading Living Buddha, Living Christ by the guy from the Oprah interview.  Also really interesting.  Lest you think I’m dropping Catholicism and turning to The Path of Enlightenment, fear not-I’m just learning here!

The idea of Mindfulness-being fully in the moment-is central to Buddhism and is something that moms and RUNNERS can appreciate.  I think that as a mom, I’m not so good at being “in the moment” with my kids.  I really want to practice this more, b/c I only have so long w/these precious lil kittens that I love so much!  As a runner, I feel that getting “in the zone” or the runners high are all similar to being mindful.  Even if I’m listening to my ipod, I’m aware of my body and the earth around me.  Hearing my footfalls, seeing the birds, feeling the delicious sunshine, I’m mindful of my surroundings and the beauty of life!  Running is my meditation, a time when I solve problems-really, I’ve worked out solutions to little situations on many a run!  I also almost always find that I’m more giving and thoughtful and come up with so many ideas to help others, or just touch their lives. For some reason, after mile 3 (because really the first few miles are all about getting to that place!), my whole outlook becomes more charitable or compassionate (as a Buddhist would say!).  For instance, on a run recently, I’ve decided to write real cards to friends, family, etc just because-as a way to keep in touch and let others know I love them.  I’ve also had great ideas on family time, get-togethers with friends, cooking ideas, etc.  I’m sure there is a scientific, chemical reaction taking place, but I like to think that it’s because I’m in touch w/the beautiful reality that God has given me and I’m realizing all of the possibilities are that I have b/c of Him!


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