Posted by: mhelen37 | March 21, 2010

My Foam Roller

I LOVE that thing!

Seriously one of the best fitness tools out there….Though it’s not really a fitness tool, to me it’s more of a massage tool.  It really does help so much, makes me feel like I’ve had a mini-massage.  I use it after runnning, but the best is the day after BodyPump.  Those classes are weightlifting classes that target the whole body.  If you don’t go every week, or up your weights, the foam roller will save you a lot of soreness!

I put it under my legs and lift up my body w/my hands and roll the entire back of my legs over the roller.  I also do the same (except flipped over, supporting my weight on my elbows) to get my quads.  I do the sides of each leg by laying on it w/my bottom leg and putting my opposite foot on the floor in front of me, supporting my body w/my elbow (I’m lying on my side).  That is one of the greatest “rolls” after a long run.  Do that and some downward dogs and pigeon and you are feeling good my friend!

Saving the best for last:  I lay on my back w/my spine supported by the length of the roller and just kind of roll side to side.  It massages your spinal cord area and back: delicious!  Since I can’t afford a full body massage, this is the next best thing…I wish I could figure out how to get it to paint my toes 🙂


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