Posted by: mhelen37 | March 23, 2010


I love to follow blogs about running and food!  Like I’ve said before, I’ve found really great food ideas from other blogs: black bean soup, homemade nutri grain bars, etc.! 

Over the past several months, we’ve really adjusted our eating habits, not a DIET but just healthy changes.  I feel like I’ve become more “plant-strong” in my eating.  I will NOT be a vegetarian, been there/done that after some unfortunate reading: Skinny Bitch and Kathy Freston, thank you very much!  Don’t read ’em unless you are prepared to stop eating meat/dairy for a while-totally disturbed me!  Anyhoo, that whole veg thing really messed up my running, so I’ve learned what is right for me.  I totally don’t judge vegs, b/c I understand, it’s just not for me!  I do LOVE building my meals around veg and adding in my other items.  I’ve become most interested in eating “real” food, whole-grains, fresh veg/fruit, good stuff like cheese and olive oil.  It isn’t that hard and after just a short while, I really started to crave it.  There was a day where I would buy apples/grapes, etc and just not eat them b/c they didn’t appeal to me.  Once I started the green smoothie thing, I really believed I changed my taste buds/cravings.  Now a honeycrip apple: Oh My Yum!!! LOVE it, it IS like a treat at 4pm!!!  (I am not LYING!!!)

Anyway: the point of this post was to describe my lunch yesterday: So easy and delish-I packed my lunch for work (as I do everyday) and took a tupperware, threw in a bunch of spinach, cut up a cute little tomato, cucumber, parsley, strawberries, blueberries, and some shredded chicken. topped w/pepper, evoo, and a few shakes of balsamic!  so easy and good!  I’ve been grilling a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts every week and adding them to everything: pasta primavera, black bean soup, wraps, tomato soup, salads, etc!  That is such an easy trick and timesaver!!  Wish I had a pic of my lunch-it was colorful and pretty!


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