Posted by: mhelen37 | April 12, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!!

It is beautiful over here!!!  We are expecting highs in the 70s-low 80s ALL week, I’m so excited!!!!!!  The weekend was wonderful.  I finished putting the house back together, after the minor cosmetic surgery it had. It really looks nice.  We had a goldish color in the living area previously, and I never realized how much my white trim reflected it.  It didn’t look white at all.  Now with a more taupey color, my trim is beautifully white!  It almost looks as if it’s been painted too (which it hasn’t and if you look close, really needs it!)

Everything is so much cleaner looking now!  I’m putting up a few more pics I ordered through  They came out so great!  While we were out and about this weekend, I took the kids to Goodwill to spend their Easter money.  Luke racked up and bought a hunting game, 18 wheeler, chainsaw, bible, and some sort of car track!  Most everything works well too!  He was so excited.  I found a framed photo with great matte, pulled out the photo and replaced it with this one (11×13) and it is now up in my hallway-so professional and only cost about $8 total!

So sweet!!!  I ordered some other prints as well, cannot wait until they come in…  I’m thinking of getting another rug for the living room, we need a bigger one and now I want a brownish one w/a more contemporary feel.

I’d like something similar to this.  There were actually a couple at Lowe’s I really liked. 

Gotta run-I’ll post pics of the living room later!


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