Posted by: mhelen37 | April 27, 2010


Well the past few days have been interesting…First of all, Olivia fell at tennis while doing a warm-up run.  To motivate them, the coach told them that the last one finished would run an extra lap–that really seemed to light a fire under the boys.  As they came around a corner, a boy lost balance and pushed Olivia and she fell.  Her face is banged up, but what we didn’t know was that her left arm was broken also.  She fell with it across her body, not usually what you would see as a bad thing, or a break.  Anyhoo, she stayed home from school Friday.  That evening, other adults came by for some adult  bevs and said, “ummmmmm yeah that looks broken”.  So, at the last minute, off JT goes to Urgent Care for x-rays and confirmation.  She is okay now, just in a bit of pain..She got her lime green cast on Monday and is really doing great now!

Speaking of pain, a friend’s family recently experienced an awful lot of it….mostly due to an adult doing something so stupid!  I don’t want to say much, but it is painful to me, so I can only imagine what my friend and her kids are going through….I wish it was as easy as putting a cast on for those kiddos. Luckily, kids are pretty resilient and adaptable, it’s us adults who have such a hard time with change!  I’ll leave you with a pic of Olivia, she looks like these other kids felt this weekend….


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