Posted by: mhelen37 | April 27, 2010

Hail Yea

Just playing catch up around here!!  We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but luckily we watched the weather.  Saturday morning we were awakened by all kinds of racket-I did not know what I was hearing-HAIL and lots of it!  Big pieces, the size of potatoes (as Olivia described it).  JT’s first reaction: his truck!  I was worried that this gigantic, bomb-sized hail was going to break a window in the house.  It was falling almost sideways and hitting the big windows high up in our living room!  Seriously, people, this was loud and freaky!  

We have a mama cardinal living in a holly tree/bush outside of our bedroom window.  Apparently, she is sitting on eggs (Saturday evening K & I investigated!).  So, while all of this commotion is going on, I had to check on her.  I always wonder what happens to wildlife during bad storms.  Mama Cardinal was hunkered down, getting just a few drops on her, but seemed to be shielded from the hail…just a sidebar that I thought y’all would find interesting!

So, finally that storm passes, JT checks his truck-minimal damage on the roof and hood (it’s a TRUCK for pete’s sake!).  I eat breaky and stalk, consult my local weatherman and hubby and finally find what I think to be an hour long break on the radar.  I head out for a 6 miler.  Let me tell you people, there is  no better way to work on speed than racing a storm!  As I’m on about my last mile, on a deserted road (yes, I’m super smart, actually had a scholarship for college!) some kind gentleman pulls up and tells me “there is a bad storm coming, about 10-15 minutes out now”.  I told him I was on my way home and hauled bootay!  I know he was thinking, “dumba**!”  He didn’t know I had analyzed the radar and had an ace in the hole-JT in his hail truck!  I asked him to come look for me if the weather got really ominous and even gave him my route (something I don’t always do!).  As I’m in the home stretch, getting big fat cooling, drops, here comes my savior on his silver horse (ram?)!  I really wanted to finish 6, so I asked him just to follow me home, which he did!  Wasn’t that sweet of him???  Oh, and that last mile was really fast 🙂


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