Posted by: mhelen37 | April 28, 2010

Here Birdie Birdie

I spent a lot of my time off yesterday trying to snap a pic of Mama Cardinal in her nest…very silly, but I want that pic!  The problem is that we keep the plantation blinds halfway closed so we don’t scare her as we walk around in our bedroom.  Everytime I try to sneak in for the pic, she notices me and flies off.  I don’t want to do this too often, b/c I do want her on that nest….What a situation! 

Other than that lil project, I ran 7 miles (awesome!) grocery shopped, napped, cooked the best tofu/cheesey manicotti, and then had family night w/the kiddies.  We watched tv and ate dinner in the living room, then played dominos-and each of us won a game (Luke was very pleased with himself!)  All in all,  a good day!  And, JT came home before my bedtime (but had to go out again….)  There is one good thing about that- the kids can be as loud as they want in the AM, and they are!  I sent them out to the bus w/birds chirping, sun shining, lunches & snacks packed…..and I hear Luke yelling for me from the house as I’m enjoying my coffee ???  Who knows what was wrong, b/c the bus pulled up and drowned out his words.  I think it had something to do w/an argument w/Liv….these people!

sure do wish I had a pic or something exciting to post w/this entry.  Guess I’ll try again for Mrs. Cardinal….Happy Hump Day!


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