Posted by: mhelen37 | June 4, 2010

This or That

I haven’t posted for a while-I’ve thought of posting, even composing witty and wonderful entries for you, but just have not made the commitment to put hand to keyboard, hee hee.  Let’s see if I remember any of that wit for you now ??!!

We’ve had a busy few weeks.  Baseball and school have wrapped up: Luke started hitting the ball and both kids did wonderfully on their final report cards.  Tennis has begun: 730 AM-yep we are getting up earlier than for school-oh the insanity!  We have had a whirlwind week of Louisiana family and friends.  Last week, in-laws and grandparents stopped in one night on their way to Indianapolis to spoil my kids.  Then I took the kids on a quick trip to see my brand new godchild and nephew.  It was so much fun to see everyone.  Luke’s only complaint is that his Uncle Dave didn’t teach him to juggle knives like he was supposed too!  Luke did say he was a little worried about that though, because all he had were sandals….As my sister said: Proper footwear is key!!  Witty I know, but not really my words, so I’ll give credit where credit is due!  We returned on Monday, and I brought back a viscious cold-I’m praying no small children get this: lots of green and yellow if you know what I mean blaaaaaaaaaaa!  In-laws and grandparents stopped in other their return from the Indy 500 to spoil my kids some more.  AND last night, we met up with some great friends from LA who were on their way to Arkansas.  We had a great dinner and got to meet their latest addition!  So many cute baby boys lately-very squeezable.  Olivia and Jude have known each other since they were 3, and are great friends.  ALL of the kids wanted to spend more time together, we’ll have to plan better next time.   We were at the square in Hernando and there was a summer concert going on, it was so nice.  Tall oak trees, lots of kids, and people about, fireflies and good live music really were a neat treat on a Thursday evening!

the kids running around the square in hernando

I have a summer cold and I could not sleep last night.  This led to lots of random thoughts at 3AM.  Like how I’d rather have a winter cold vs a summer cold.  This led to the game of Pick One; Let’s all play:

Oatmeal or Grits:  Grits      

Cleaning toilets or dusting/mopping:  Cleaning toilets (surprise?)

Being really tired or really hungover: Really tired

Sitting next to someone really smelly or really annoying: oooo tough one:  probably smelly (unless I’m really  hungover!)

Being horrendously ugly or grotesquely obese:  Okay, now you will see my vanity in full force:  I cannot pick one.  Last night at 330AM I stumped myself with this one…the deal is you can’t change the quality once you pick it-as in you can’t lose weight once you pick obese….I just don’t know.

Fun stuff huh???  This what happens when you take Mucinex DM (the extra strength one tablet only one) before bed..  That pseudoephedrine that meth heads use to cook up their stuff is some kind of drug all on its own people.  I’m tired this morning, but still somewhat witty and much less snotty thank you very much!

Speaking of, I hate that word snot-but it’s just so appropriate.  It sounds like what it is, no? 

I will post this for you now, but will edit it later to include wonderful photos of cute babies (don’t worry no snotty pics!!)


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