Posted by: mhelen37 | June 11, 2010

books books everywhere

everyone is asleep and i just finished another of  my library books.  i think the library is one of my favorite places.  you go there, get to roam about, pick out as many things as you want and take them home for FREE!  seriously, i love books.  i love to have a big bunch of them stacked up next to my bed to read, i love to be so involved in one that i ignore my entire chaotic family (which happens pretty regularly), i love to discover a new author, AND i’m so loving that my kids are getting into reading.  Livvie has been on to Nancy Drew for a while; and I just introduced her to some of my favs that are out of print.  they are probably almost too young for her now, but they are What the Witch Left and The Wednesday Witch both by Ruth Chew.  (it bugs me that I cannot underline titles in a blog post, fyi.) JT found them for me on and i love him for that.  seriously a great present for an avid reader (any out of print book from their past).  My sister and I have always loved mysteries and magical type books, don’t know why, can’t explain it, and my personality is such that I don’t want to delve too much to find out why.  I have my suspicions, and as I get to know you more, I may let you in on them…

Just finished a couple of books that aren’t my usual type:  Signed Mata Hari  which was excellent, made me do a little more research on her, but still hurt my heart.  As a mom, it really pains me to read about someone losing a child…almost too much to bear to read.  Then I read Low Country by Anne Rivers Siddons…same deal, don’t want to give away too much, but death, unless it involves a mystery or serial killer really just sits in my spirit so heavy and dark and at certain times of the month (sorry boys) just makes me want to cry and cry.  Those that know me probably know this, I’m sure it’s the same for many people.  There are just certain things I should avoid b/c they color my world in the wrong hue.  But, I did love both books, just hate the toll they momentarily take on my psyche.  I picked out really different books from my usual mystery genre… there are 2 left-I’ll let you know as I get to them…

Olivia started The Borrowers series, remember them?-the little people who live in a house and use a thimble as a table or such??? Luke picked out about 12 books (almost all nonfiction) and I had to talk him down to 3-so awesome!!!  They were of varied topics: weather, volcanoes, trains, baseball cards.  He is really so super! 

Sometimes these little people that I had a part of creating just amaze me by the life they have on their own.  It is pretty weird, b/c from the beginning they were mine, part of me, then pretty much my total responsibility.  To see them now, choosing both good and bad entirely on their own is just weird and kind of disconcerting….What must my mother think of me?  My kids report to me all day long and I’d die if they didn’t, yet I only call my mom once/week.  I hate to think of how I go from here to there….

my mom and her girls

it’s getting late, i’ve put everyone to bed, now my turn-g’nite!


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