Posted by: mhelen37 | June 17, 2010

Runner 1 Dog 0

Muuaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (that is an evil laugh)

Today it finally happened.  After almost 3 years of various dogs terrorizing me on different running routes, I returned the favor.  Okay,  PETA, don’t get your panties in a wad, this was all very innocent and unplanned, but it still made me smile on the inside.  I was running in a new neighborhood on a deserted street at 6AM when he showed up:

(imagine a pic of a ferocious doggie)

Cue the eerie western music (you know what I’m talking about-showdown!)  Well, this little guy must have been up to something b/c he sure did act suspicious and take off.  He hauled butt away and kept looking over his shoulder (do chihuahua’s have shoulders??) at me.  It was so funny and really helped w/the entertainment value of a HOT and early 6 mile run!

In other news, I’m tossing around the idea of a marathon-I may have lost my mind, but part of me really would like to see what the training is all about.  The only real hang up is the amount of time this kind of training takes, it pretty much consumes you….

We are busy here w/summer activities and it has been great: tennis, vacation bible school, swimming, etc.  The tv is rarely on during the day and I’m pretty proud of us!  During VBS Tuesday, I convinced my husband to come w/me to the thrift store connected to the church.  Lo and behold it was 50 cent Tuesday, cue the Hallelujahs!!!!  It was fun, he enjoyed it too.  I found what looks to be a vintage evening coat, so beautiful: a cream silk type fabric (but not shiny) w/awesome black buttons for $.50!!!  SCORE!!!  JT found some khakis to wear while cutting grass and we got Luke a camo shirt and Olivia a cute white Lands End sweater…..and some CDS for a $1!!!!  SO much fun!  I’m getting the coat cleaned and then I’ll post a pic!


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