Posted by: mhelen37 | July 2, 2010

Jumpin Music, Slick DJ’s-Look out Weekend Cuz Here I Come

Friday!!!!  Fridays have always been one of my favorite days.  The weekend potential is all ahead of you.  I love a weekend that is planned full of fun activities, but I think I love a weekend w/nothing planned even more!  We have been living our weekends to the fullest lately: swimming, Redbirds games, boating, bbqing!  This weekend I’ve made JT repeat after me:  “I will not plan too much for myself or my family” LOL and he did it!  Just one bbq/pool party on the agenda and I’m excited…

Now that I’m only working Mondays and Fridays, Mondays are really my new Friday-I get a three day “weekend”.  We are so enjoying that.  I try to do some productiveness (i.e. chores) and then some fun stuff-pool, tennis w/kids (in my case reading), library visit, sprinklers etc).

I’ve been getting up early for workouts and have added a third run day-it may be the heat or the 5 workouts/week, but i’m definitely slower….oh well, no biggie, i’m still enjoying it!  i’m biking one day a week and that is a really great addition to my workouts.  an hour long bike ride is a great workout, but i don’t feel that “ugh” feeling of tiredness when i start off.  

while at the pool this week, i watched a few guys swim laps.  this is an area i really want to investigate my abilities.  i youtubed some videos and now i may have to try some drills this weekend.  i can swim, but can’t relax into a comfort zone like i finally did w/running…..i guess it takes practice!

in other news, i’ve been growing my hair out for about 2 years.  i knew this would happen, now i want to cut it all off and go back really blonde….what do you think? 

finally here are a few recaps of our weekends in pics:

my short hair-this is what i’m thinking about….?


  1. Definitely go back blonde! I’m thinking of doing the same thing this week if I can get an appt! Don’t cut it too short though….I like you with longer hair; although short hair does look super cute on you too and it’s easier…

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