Posted by: mhelen37 | July 8, 2010

scooby doo, sac au lait, & summer

I’ve had the past 6 days off 🙂  I’m beginning to think I may want to be jobless again, LOL….I’m only working a couple of days/week and with the holiday weekend, this was a 1-day work week, wooopee!

All of this non-work is good because I’m getting the house cleaned, working out (alot!) and cooking/eating healthy, but the downside is no dinero muchachos 😦   I have a love/hate relationship w/work.  Until recently, I’ve always hated working, but now that I have kids-I really appreciate making a contribution outside of my home and being appreciated by other adults for my skills (other than sweeping and bandaging-though I AM a MasterSweeper!!!)  So I love the $, the self-worth factor, but I’ll always hate the alarm clock and punctuality involved w/any job-I cannot stand being late and don’t like that trait in others either.  I also tend to stress about little things, so sometimes, even my small-time job can seem stressful.  But then I just remind myself-it’s a Part-Time $10/hour job-really come on…I have a college degree-if you want me to stress, you really need to pay me more….otherwise my give a da#n is occupied w/other more important problemos (i.e. dinner, my kids cleanliness-or lack thereof, or the state of my closet)  just sayin’.

all of this is just to say my workday tomorrow is interfering w/my summer vacay, LOL.   Yet I am grateful to have a job and to go in tomorrow and find out what sort of wackiness awaits me after 6 days away!

The rest of this title refers to the large amount of Scooby Doo we are watching on Boomerang-my kids LOVE him and so do I- and our dinner tonight-it rocked my face: sac au lait, baked w/Tony’s, a fresh tomato, avocado, black beans, and corn off the cob!!

Ran 7.14 this AM, it is HOT people….as you may or may not notice, I’ve grown bored w/this post…adios you meddling kids!


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