Posted by: mhelen37 | September 18, 2010

My Weekend or Why I’m Skipping Church Today

Let’s be honest, I don’t enjoy sleepovers….for my kids that is!  Normally, they involve a whiney friend who makes insane requests “I like my milk on the side….blah blahtty blah” and no sleep for me.  Friday night I told Olivia she could have a sleepover w/a friend.  Mistake #1-b/c I worked all day Friday.  In my defense, I did tell her that said sleepover could not start until 6PM.  Well guess what-I arrive home at 4ish and lo and behold Friend is over all packed and ready to go!  No down time for me 😦

Things were not terrible until other kids from the ‘hood show up to play.  Ends up we have 2 extra girls doing a “late night”  which involves them eating dinner and playing until I walk them home sometime around 9ish…Not too bad, except that JT has a checkride at 5AM!  Try keeping 4 girls quiet….Oh and there was one fight.  I fussed at Friend and Olivia…Olivia stopped crying and Friend started crying….”Why do I always get in trouble at sleepovers?”  Hmmmmm, do you really want me to answer that?  No, we shall not even go there…..Finally I get rid of the extras and get the girls to bed at 10ish.  They are having fun and whispering.  Luke is all up in arms b/c he can’t sleep in the same room and them.  My head is going to spin off-need sleep and time away from people!!!

Next morning they are up and at ’em at 7ish.  Come in my room to ask when I’m going to make the chocolate chip muffins—REALLY?????  At 8 I get up and make them a beautiful breakfast-fresh fruit and muffins.  We all get dressed and head to school for the school festival/fundraiser!!  Yes people, this fun-filled-free-for-all is not over.  We spend all morning until about 1PM at this festival…It was actually pretty good, the kids got rained on and rode slides, climbed rock walls, got tattoos, and in the end rode a water slide (not supposed to be a water slide…)  We finally left b/c I wanted a break before I had to show back up there at 3 to work in a booth….Am I winning a mom of the weekend award yet????  Oh-sidenote….They are all soaking wet from the slide turned waterslide and Luke is doing some sort of bowlegged cowboy walk in his blue jean shorts.  I told him when he got to the car, it would be okay to take his shorts off-the girls would not look.  His honor would be safe in his underwear alone.  “Ummmmmmmm mom, uh I kinda forgot to wear underwear today.”   Okay, noted, add underwear to daily checklist: teeth, hair, shoes.  Oh and UNDERWEAR!!!!  At least it explained his John Wayne impersonation….

So, we finally got rid of our company, came home and I sewed a bit (who am I????) and then went back for my hour shift.  Olivia enjoyed exploring, I hung out w/the PTO moms (these are not like those bitchy PTO moms that I was so afraid of all these years!) and finally finished my L-O-N-G day.   So now you know why I am skipping church, heading out for a run and chillaxing!  Happy Sunday. 

PS:  wrote this last Sunday, was going to add pics, never got to it, so here it is 🙂  Happy Saturday and Sunday!!!


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