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Well the past few days have been interesting…First of all, Olivia fell at tennis while doing a warm-up run.  To motivate them, the coach told them that the last one finished would run an extra lap–that really seemed to light a fire under the boys.  As they came around a corner, a boy lost balance and pushed Olivia and she fell.  Her face is banged up, but what we didn’t know was that her left arm was broken also.  She fell with it across her body, not usually what you would see as a bad thing, or a break.  Anyhoo, she stayed home from school Friday.  That evening, other adults came by for some adult  bevs and said, “ummmmmm yeah that looks broken”.  So, at the last minute, off JT goes to Urgent Care for x-rays and confirmation.  She is okay now, just in a bit of pain..She got her lime green cast on Monday and is really doing great now!

Speaking of pain, a friend’s family recently experienced an awful lot of it….mostly due to an adult doing something so stupid!  I don’t want to say much, but it is painful to me, so I can only imagine what my friend and her kids are going through….I wish it was as easy as putting a cast on for those kiddos. Luckily, kids are pretty resilient and adaptable, it’s us adults who have such a hard time with change!  I’ll leave you with a pic of Olivia, she looks like these other kids felt this weekend….

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Spring has Sprung!!!!

It is beautiful over here!!!  We are expecting highs in the 70s-low 80s ALL week, I’m so excited!!!!!!  The weekend was wonderful.  I finished putting the house back together, after the minor cosmetic surgery it had. It really looks nice.  We had a goldish color in the living area previously, and I never realized how much my white trim reflected it.  It didn’t look white at all.  Now with a more taupey color, my trim is beautifully white!  It almost looks as if it’s been painted too (which it hasn’t and if you look close, really needs it!)

Everything is so much cleaner looking now!  I’m putting up a few more pics I ordered through  They came out so great!  While we were out and about this weekend, I took the kids to Goodwill to spend their Easter money.  Luke racked up and bought a hunting game, 18 wheeler, chainsaw, bible, and some sort of car track!  Most everything works well too!  He was so excited.  I found a framed photo with great matte, pulled out the photo and replaced it with this one (11×13) and it is now up in my hallway-so professional and only cost about $8 total!

So sweet!!!  I ordered some other prints as well, cannot wait until they come in…  I’m thinking of getting another rug for the living room, we need a bigger one and now I want a brownish one w/a more contemporary feel.

I’d like something similar to this.  There were actually a couple at Lowe’s I really liked. 

Gotta run-I’ll post pics of the living room later!

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Easter Bunnies

We had a super Easter over here!  The whole weekend was fab-spent time w/neighbors Friday (kids did scavenger and easter egg hunt), egg-dying on Saturday (JT and Luke went fishing), Church, then vegging and some super-good bbq shrimp w/grilled veggies and french bread w/good friends on Sunday!  Also, a bit of wine was consumed in there as well!  The weather has been absolutely wonderful-sunny and 70’s!  I was able to get in some good runs last week as well: 10 miles on Tues, 6 and change on Thursday.  On Saturday, I usually go to the gym to crosstrain.  Lately, I’ve been using the hardest machine there, let me tell you, 20 minutes on this baby is a workout!  We only have one at our gym, but luckily no one really wants to subject themselves to that kind of torture!!

In other news, our house is getting a cosmetic face-lift!  The outside and downstairs living area are being painted.  Outside is done and looks very nice and clean.  The inside is making me smile!  The old color was sort of a goldish yellow-pretty but not my choice.  The new color is Sherwin-Williams “virtual taupe“.  It makes such a difference in how nice our trim looks-everything seems so much cleaner and crisp! 

I’ll leave you with a couple of pics of my Easter Bunnies and a sneak-peek of the new paint job!

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More Pics

Here are a few more from the weekend…Some are self-portraits by Luke (he figured out the self-timer).  Some are random by Luke and Liv.  They are interesting and I like them!


Luke's Moves

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The Boys of Summer

Lukehad his first baseball practice last week, it was interesting to watch!   Baseball, even though it is a team sport, makes me so nervous b/c sometimes the player seems so alone up there at bat (or catching the ball).  If you strike out, or miss a pop fly, it’s just you, not the whole team!  I’m going to have a hard time w/baseball I can tell!  His coaches seem pretty good.  There was a little boy on the team who kept correcting Luke, and he was wrong!  I was getting a bit peeved, but I loved the way my son handled it.  He just kept doing what he knew was correct and basically ignored the nagging from the know-it-all!  AND he really seemed to have fun, even if he never caught a ball!  BTW, his team is called the HOGS (how yucky!) and their colors are red and black-cool!

In other news, my mom got married this weekend, craaaaaazy!  It was a fun time, great to seem ALL of my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews!  Here are a few pics:

Also, I’ve been inspired by this blog and this one and have become a thrift store junkie!!!  I took Livvie yesterday and here is some of what I bought:

Thrifting is fun, like a hunting trip or mission!  Livvie has been bitten by the bug too 🙂

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High Fructose Corn Syrup- :(

While surfing the web yesterday, I came across this link  in the Runner’s World forums and I just had to write about it!

First of all, I am NOT a nutritionist, scientist, biologist, fitness coach or doctor.  I have no real background or expertise BUT I do have common sense and a desire to take care of myself and my children.  Secondly, I didn’t know how much corn was used/integrated into our diet until my daughter’s first grade class did a project on corn.  I was shocked to see how much corn was in everything: ketchup, sodas, most snack items, etc!  And just google high fructose corn syrup and government subsidies, that will freak you out!    I like what Michael Pollan says in this Time article, basically eat real food and more of it!  It is crazy to think that so many of our health problems as Americans can be traced to unhealthy eating, and the part politics/money has played in it is quite shocking.

I believe we vote with what we buy and I’m really trying to change my habits and- most importantly- my children’s eating habits.  Our parents may not have known better. When these products were introduced, everyone loved them  (and they are yummy!) Even if this research isn’t completely proven true, I have to believe that real fruits and vegetables are always better than sweetened juices and twinkies!  I also don’t like big business interfering in my diet/health.  BTW, I took a break from the web and went to my fridge to grab a drink: Lemonade in a carton, guess what??? Yep: HFCS-WTH???  Check out your cupboard!

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I love to follow blogs about running and food!  Like I’ve said before, I’ve found really great food ideas from other blogs: black bean soup, homemade nutri grain bars, etc.! 

Over the past several months, we’ve really adjusted our eating habits, not a DIET but just healthy changes.  I feel like I’ve become more “plant-strong” in my eating.  I will NOT be a vegetarian, been there/done that after some unfortunate reading: Skinny Bitch and Kathy Freston, thank you very much!  Don’t read ’em unless you are prepared to stop eating meat/dairy for a while-totally disturbed me!  Anyhoo, that whole veg thing really messed up my running, so I’ve learned what is right for me.  I totally don’t judge vegs, b/c I understand, it’s just not for me!  I do LOVE building my meals around veg and adding in my other items.  I’ve become most interested in eating “real” food, whole-grains, fresh veg/fruit, good stuff like cheese and olive oil.  It isn’t that hard and after just a short while, I really started to crave it.  There was a day where I would buy apples/grapes, etc and just not eat them b/c they didn’t appeal to me.  Once I started the green smoothie thing, I really believed I changed my taste buds/cravings.  Now a honeycrip apple: Oh My Yum!!! LOVE it, it IS like a treat at 4pm!!!  (I am not LYING!!!)

Anyway: the point of this post was to describe my lunch yesterday: So easy and delish-I packed my lunch for work (as I do everyday) and took a tupperware, threw in a bunch of spinach, cut up a cute little tomato, cucumber, parsley, strawberries, blueberries, and some shredded chicken. topped w/pepper, evoo, and a few shakes of balsamic!  so easy and good!  I’ve been grilling a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts every week and adding them to everything: pasta primavera, black bean soup, wraps, tomato soup, salads, etc!  That is such an easy trick and timesaver!!  Wish I had a pic of my lunch-it was colorful and pretty!

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Okay, I’m arriving at the party a bit late, but at least I made it!  I’m referring to the infamous Bella/Edward/Jacob frenzy that has swept the USA in the past couple of years.  I finally read Twilight while in Miami and was hooked.  Yesterday I finished New Moon (started it on Saturday).  Those books are nothing if not an easy read!  Someone described them as a pillowy, fluff of easy reading and I have to agree!  I LOVE to read and when I find a book I cannot put down, I’m in HEAVEN!!!  My hubby hates it b/c I can totally zone out while reading and ignore everything and everybody.  Seriously, the house could catch on fire and it would take me a while to come out of the haze!  Needless to say, I will be heading to the library to pick up the next one, I think it’s Eclipse!  Also, I now totally understand those bumper stickers I see everywhere: I drive like a Cullen.   Even after finishing Twilight, it took me a bit to get it….I kept thinking, who are the Cullens?  some local family??? WTH???

I finally figured out my new shoes.  Asics have a lacing thing that I have to adjust, at the opening the very last lace, I cannot put my laces through, or it somehow makes me shoes too tight.  Last week on my 8 miler, I pulled the laces out of the last hole and re-tied my shoes, voila!!  no falling asleep toes, or sore ball ‘o foot!!  I’m heading out for a run in a bit, it its beeyooooootiful here: birds chirpin’, sun shinin’  HAPPY HAPPY….You know it’s spring for sure: today is Luke’s first day of baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope this goes well!

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My Foam Roller

I LOVE that thing!

Seriously one of the best fitness tools out there….Though it’s not really a fitness tool, to me it’s more of a massage tool.  It really does help so much, makes me feel like I’ve had a mini-massage.  I use it after runnning, but the best is the day after BodyPump.  Those classes are weightlifting classes that target the whole body.  If you don’t go every week, or up your weights, the foam roller will save you a lot of soreness!

I put it under my legs and lift up my body w/my hands and roll the entire back of my legs over the roller.  I also do the same (except flipped over, supporting my weight on my elbows) to get my quads.  I do the sides of each leg by laying on it w/my bottom leg and putting my opposite foot on the floor in front of me, supporting my body w/my elbow (I’m lying on my side).  That is one of the greatest “rolls” after a long run.  Do that and some downward dogs and pigeon and you are feeling good my friend!

Saving the best for last:  I lay on my back w/my spine supported by the length of the roller and just kind of roll side to side.  It massages your spinal cord area and back: delicious!  Since I can’t afford a full body massage, this is the next best thing…I wish I could figure out how to get it to paint my toes 🙂

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Who knows if I’ll ever finish the 100 things about me-so boring really!  Isn’t writing a blog self-centered enough???  So I’ve now started reading Living Buddha, Living Christ by the guy from the Oprah interview.  Also really interesting.  Lest you think I’m dropping Catholicism and turning to The Path of Enlightenment, fear not-I’m just learning here!

The idea of Mindfulness-being fully in the moment-is central to Buddhism and is something that moms and RUNNERS can appreciate.  I think that as a mom, I’m not so good at being “in the moment” with my kids.  I really want to practice this more, b/c I only have so long w/these precious lil kittens that I love so much!  As a runner, I feel that getting “in the zone” or the runners high are all similar to being mindful.  Even if I’m listening to my ipod, I’m aware of my body and the earth around me.  Hearing my footfalls, seeing the birds, feeling the delicious sunshine, I’m mindful of my surroundings and the beauty of life!  Running is my meditation, a time when I solve problems-really, I’ve worked out solutions to little situations on many a run!  I also almost always find that I’m more giving and thoughtful and come up with so many ideas to help others, or just touch their lives. For some reason, after mile 3 (because really the first few miles are all about getting to that place!), my whole outlook becomes more charitable or compassionate (as a Buddhist would say!).  For instance, on a run recently, I’ve decided to write real cards to friends, family, etc just because-as a way to keep in touch and let others know I love them.  I’ve also had great ideas on family time, get-togethers with friends, cooking ideas, etc.  I’m sure there is a scientific, chemical reaction taking place, but I like to think that it’s because I’m in touch w/the beautiful reality that God has given me and I’m realizing all of the possibilities are that I have b/c of Him!

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