Posted by: mhelen37 | May 18, 2010

May Flowers

Where have I been??  You know May is a busy month with kids-tennis, baseball, luaus, tests, etc! 

We started off the month with a visit from my bff Linda & Megan and a crawfish boil! It was such a great weekend.  Linda and I caught up on Friday night and hung out all day Saturday with a great group of friends.  The kids had a moonbounce, the adults had a keg and tunes-everyone was happy!  Side note: Luke got in trouble Friday at school because he and a group of friends decided to throw balls at another boy instead of into the hoop as instructed 😦  When the moonbounce arrived-Luke was punished for an hour.  Here is the documentation:

So funny, imagine what you can’t see: Liv inside the moonbouce, holding onto the net, jumping up and down and telling Luke how great and bouncy it is!  We were in the kitchen laughing our butts off.  Parenthood-you gotta relish the funny stuff people!

Linda made me a super drink called Yucca:  1 5lb bag of ice, a bag of lemons, 1lb of sugar, 1 fifith of Absolut.   Put all in a big pot and stir (slice up the lemons) and enjoy….very sweet and yummy.  Also an added bonus-I felt great the next day-which was Mother’s Day!!  Linda got up early to head back to LaPlace and I had the day to myself in my jammies!  The kids gave me all sorts of handmade goodies and were very sweet.  JT spent the day cleaning up outside and I read my magazines, finished a book and watched a couple of movies-saaaweeeeeeeeeeeeet!



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