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My Weekend or Why I’m Skipping Church Today

Let’s be honest, I don’t enjoy sleepovers….for my kids that is!  Normally, they involve a whiney friend who makes insane requests “I like my milk on the side….blah blahtty blah” and no sleep for me.  Friday night I told Olivia she could have a sleepover w/a friend.  Mistake #1-b/c I worked all day Friday.  In my defense, I did tell her that said sleepover could not start until 6PM.  Well guess what-I arrive home at 4ish and lo and behold Friend is over all packed and ready to go!  No down time for me 😦

Things were not terrible until other kids from the ‘hood show up to play.  Ends up we have 2 extra girls doing a “late night”  which involves them eating dinner and playing until I walk them home sometime around 9ish…Not too bad, except that JT has a checkride at 5AM!  Try keeping 4 girls quiet….Oh and there was one fight.  I fussed at Friend and Olivia…Olivia stopped crying and Friend started crying….”Why do I always get in trouble at sleepovers?”  Hmmmmm, do you really want me to answer that?  No, we shall not even go there…..Finally I get rid of the extras and get the girls to bed at 10ish.  They are having fun and whispering.  Luke is all up in arms b/c he can’t sleep in the same room and them.  My head is going to spin off-need sleep and time away from people!!!

Next morning they are up and at ’em at 7ish.  Come in my room to ask when I’m going to make the chocolate chip muffins—REALLY?????  At 8 I get up and make them a beautiful breakfast-fresh fruit and muffins.  We all get dressed and head to school for the school festival/fundraiser!!  Yes people, this fun-filled-free-for-all is not over.  We spend all morning until about 1PM at this festival…It was actually pretty good, the kids got rained on and rode slides, climbed rock walls, got tattoos, and in the end rode a water slide (not supposed to be a water slide…)  We finally left b/c I wanted a break before I had to show back up there at 3 to work in a booth….Am I winning a mom of the weekend award yet????  Oh-sidenote….They are all soaking wet from the slide turned waterslide and Luke is doing some sort of bowlegged cowboy walk in his blue jean shorts.  I told him when he got to the car, it would be okay to take his shorts off-the girls would not look.  His honor would be safe in his underwear alone.  “Ummmmmmmm mom, uh I kinda forgot to wear underwear today.”   Okay, noted, add underwear to daily checklist: teeth, hair, shoes.  Oh and UNDERWEAR!!!!  At least it explained his John Wayne impersonation….

So, we finally got rid of our company, came home and I sewed a bit (who am I????) and then went back for my hour shift.  Olivia enjoyed exploring, I hung out w/the PTO moms (these are not like those bitchy PTO moms that I was so afraid of all these years!) and finally finished my L-O-N-G day.   So now you know why I am skipping church, heading out for a run and chillaxing!  Happy Sunday. 

PS:  wrote this last Sunday, was going to add pics, never got to it, so here it is 🙂  Happy Saturday and Sunday!!!

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scooby doo, sac au lait, & summer

I’ve had the past 6 days off 🙂  I’m beginning to think I may want to be jobless again, LOL….I’m only working a couple of days/week and with the holiday weekend, this was a 1-day work week, wooopee!

All of this non-work is good because I’m getting the house cleaned, working out (alot!) and cooking/eating healthy, but the downside is no dinero muchachos 😦   I have a love/hate relationship w/work.  Until recently, I’ve always hated working, but now that I have kids-I really appreciate making a contribution outside of my home and being appreciated by other adults for my skills (other than sweeping and bandaging-though I AM a MasterSweeper!!!)  So I love the $, the self-worth factor, but I’ll always hate the alarm clock and punctuality involved w/any job-I cannot stand being late and don’t like that trait in others either.  I also tend to stress about little things, so sometimes, even my small-time job can seem stressful.  But then I just remind myself-it’s a Part-Time $10/hour job-really come on…I have a college degree-if you want me to stress, you really need to pay me more….otherwise my give a da#n is occupied w/other more important problemos (i.e. dinner, my kids cleanliness-or lack thereof, or the state of my closet)  just sayin’.

all of this is just to say my workday tomorrow is interfering w/my summer vacay, LOL.   Yet I am grateful to have a job and to go in tomorrow and find out what sort of wackiness awaits me after 6 days away!

The rest of this title refers to the large amount of Scooby Doo we are watching on Boomerang-my kids LOVE him and so do I- and our dinner tonight-it rocked my face: sac au lait, baked w/Tony’s, a fresh tomato, avocado, black beans, and corn off the cob!!

Ran 7.14 this AM, it is HOT people….as you may or may not notice, I’ve grown bored w/this post…adios you meddling kids!

Friday!!!!  Fridays have always been one of my favorite days.  The weekend potential is all ahead of you.  I love a weekend that is planned full of fun activities, but I think I love a weekend w/nothing planned even more!  We have been living our weekends to the fullest lately: swimming, Redbirds games, boating, bbqing!  This weekend I’ve made JT repeat after me:  “I will not plan too much for myself or my family” LOL and he did it!  Just one bbq/pool party on the agenda and I’m excited…

Now that I’m only working Mondays and Fridays, Mondays are really my new Friday-I get a three day “weekend”.  We are so enjoying that.  I try to do some productiveness (i.e. chores) and then some fun stuff-pool, tennis w/kids (in my case reading), library visit, sprinklers etc).

I’ve been getting up early for workouts and have added a third run day-it may be the heat or the 5 workouts/week, but i’m definitely slower….oh well, no biggie, i’m still enjoying it!  i’m biking one day a week and that is a really great addition to my workouts.  an hour long bike ride is a great workout, but i don’t feel that “ugh” feeling of tiredness when i start off.  

while at the pool this week, i watched a few guys swim laps.  this is an area i really want to investigate my abilities.  i youtubed some videos and now i may have to try some drills this weekend.  i can swim, but can’t relax into a comfort zone like i finally did w/running…..i guess it takes practice!

in other news, i’ve been growing my hair out for about 2 years.  i knew this would happen, now i want to cut it all off and go back really blonde….what do you think? 

finally here are a few recaps of our weekends in pics:

my short hair-this is what i’m thinking about….?
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Runner 1 Dog 0

Muuaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (that is an evil laugh)

Today it finally happened.  After almost 3 years of various dogs terrorizing me on different running routes, I returned the favor.  Okay,  PETA, don’t get your panties in a wad, this was all very innocent and unplanned, but it still made me smile on the inside.  I was running in a new neighborhood on a deserted street at 6AM when he showed up:

(imagine a pic of a ferocious doggie)

Cue the eerie western music (you know what I’m talking about-showdown!)  Well, this little guy must have been up to something b/c he sure did act suspicious and take off.  He hauled butt away and kept looking over his shoulder (do chihuahua’s have shoulders??) at me.  It was so funny and really helped w/the entertainment value of a HOT and early 6 mile run!

In other news, I’m tossing around the idea of a marathon-I may have lost my mind, but part of me really would like to see what the training is all about.  The only real hang up is the amount of time this kind of training takes, it pretty much consumes you….

We are busy here w/summer activities and it has been great: tennis, vacation bible school, swimming, etc.  The tv is rarely on during the day and I’m pretty proud of us!  During VBS Tuesday, I convinced my husband to come w/me to the thrift store connected to the church.  Lo and behold it was 50 cent Tuesday, cue the Hallelujahs!!!!  It was fun, he enjoyed it too.  I found what looks to be a vintage evening coat, so beautiful: a cream silk type fabric (but not shiny) w/awesome black buttons for $.50!!!  SCORE!!!  JT found some khakis to wear while cutting grass and we got Luke a camo shirt and Olivia a cute white Lands End sweater…..and some CDS for a $1!!!!  SO much fun!  I’m getting the coat cleaned and then I’ll post a pic!

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books books everywhere

everyone is asleep and i just finished another of  my library books.  i think the library is one of my favorite places.  you go there, get to roam about, pick out as many things as you want and take them home for FREE!  seriously, i love books.  i love to have a big bunch of them stacked up next to my bed to read, i love to be so involved in one that i ignore my entire chaotic family (which happens pretty regularly), i love to discover a new author, AND i’m so loving that my kids are getting into reading.  Livvie has been on to Nancy Drew for a while; and I just introduced her to some of my favs that are out of print.  they are probably almost too young for her now, but they are What the Witch Left and The Wednesday Witch both by Ruth Chew.  (it bugs me that I cannot underline titles in a blog post, fyi.) JT found them for me on and i love him for that.  seriously a great present for an avid reader (any out of print book from their past).  My sister and I have always loved mysteries and magical type books, don’t know why, can’t explain it, and my personality is such that I don’t want to delve too much to find out why.  I have my suspicions, and as I get to know you more, I may let you in on them…

Just finished a couple of books that aren’t my usual type:  Signed Mata Hari  which was excellent, made me do a little more research on her, but still hurt my heart.  As a mom, it really pains me to read about someone losing a child…almost too much to bear to read.  Then I read Low Country by Anne Rivers Siddons…same deal, don’t want to give away too much, but death, unless it involves a mystery or serial killer really just sits in my spirit so heavy and dark and at certain times of the month (sorry boys) just makes me want to cry and cry.  Those that know me probably know this, I’m sure it’s the same for many people.  There are just certain things I should avoid b/c they color my world in the wrong hue.  But, I did love both books, just hate the toll they momentarily take on my psyche.  I picked out really different books from my usual mystery genre… there are 2 left-I’ll let you know as I get to them…

Olivia started The Borrowers series, remember them?-the little people who live in a house and use a thimble as a table or such??? Luke picked out about 12 books (almost all nonfiction) and I had to talk him down to 3-so awesome!!!  They were of varied topics: weather, volcanoes, trains, baseball cards.  He is really so super! 

Sometimes these little people that I had a part of creating just amaze me by the life they have on their own.  It is pretty weird, b/c from the beginning they were mine, part of me, then pretty much my total responsibility.  To see them now, choosing both good and bad entirely on their own is just weird and kind of disconcerting….What must my mother think of me?  My kids report to me all day long and I’d die if they didn’t, yet I only call my mom once/week.  I hate to think of how I go from here to there….

my mom and her girls

it’s getting late, i’ve put everyone to bed, now my turn-g’nite!

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This or That

I haven’t posted for a while-I’ve thought of posting, even composing witty and wonderful entries for you, but just have not made the commitment to put hand to keyboard, hee hee.  Let’s see if I remember any of that wit for you now ??!!

We’ve had a busy few weeks.  Baseball and school have wrapped up: Luke started hitting the ball and both kids did wonderfully on their final report cards.  Tennis has begun: 730 AM-yep we are getting up earlier than for school-oh the insanity!  We have had a whirlwind week of Louisiana family and friends.  Last week, in-laws and grandparents stopped in one night on their way to Indianapolis to spoil my kids.  Then I took the kids on a quick trip to see my brand new godchild and nephew.  It was so much fun to see everyone.  Luke’s only complaint is that his Uncle Dave didn’t teach him to juggle knives like he was supposed too!  Luke did say he was a little worried about that though, because all he had were sandals….As my sister said: Proper footwear is key!!  Witty I know, but not really my words, so I’ll give credit where credit is due!  We returned on Monday, and I brought back a viscious cold-I’m praying no small children get this: lots of green and yellow if you know what I mean blaaaaaaaaaaa!  In-laws and grandparents stopped in other their return from the Indy 500 to spoil my kids some more.  AND last night, we met up with some great friends from LA who were on their way to Arkansas.  We had a great dinner and got to meet their latest addition!  So many cute baby boys lately-very squeezable.  Olivia and Jude have known each other since they were 3, and are great friends.  ALL of the kids wanted to spend more time together, we’ll have to plan better next time.   We were at the square in Hernando and there was a summer concert going on, it was so nice.  Tall oak trees, lots of kids, and people about, fireflies and good live music really were a neat treat on a Thursday evening!

the kids running around the square in hernando

I have a summer cold and I could not sleep last night.  This led to lots of random thoughts at 3AM.  Like how I’d rather have a winter cold vs a summer cold.  This led to the game of Pick One; Let’s all play:

Oatmeal or Grits:  Grits      

Cleaning toilets or dusting/mopping:  Cleaning toilets (surprise?)

Being really tired or really hungover: Really tired

Sitting next to someone really smelly or really annoying: oooo tough one:  probably smelly (unless I’m really  hungover!)

Being horrendously ugly or grotesquely obese:  Okay, now you will see my vanity in full force:  I cannot pick one.  Last night at 330AM I stumped myself with this one…the deal is you can’t change the quality once you pick it-as in you can’t lose weight once you pick obese….I just don’t know.

Fun stuff huh???  This what happens when you take Mucinex DM (the extra strength one tablet only one) before bed..  That pseudoephedrine that meth heads use to cook up their stuff is some kind of drug all on its own people.  I’m tired this morning, but still somewhat witty and much less snotty thank you very much!

Speaking of, I hate that word snot-but it’s just so appropriate.  It sounds like what it is, no? 

I will post this for you now, but will edit it later to include wonderful photos of cute babies (don’t worry no snotty pics!!)

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May Flowers

Where have I been??  You know May is a busy month with kids-tennis, baseball, luaus, tests, etc! 

We started off the month with a visit from my bff Linda & Megan and a crawfish boil! It was such a great weekend.  Linda and I caught up on Friday night and hung out all day Saturday with a great group of friends.  The kids had a moonbounce, the adults had a keg and tunes-everyone was happy!  Side note: Luke got in trouble Friday at school because he and a group of friends decided to throw balls at another boy instead of into the hoop as instructed 😦  When the moonbounce arrived-Luke was punished for an hour.  Here is the documentation:

So funny, imagine what you can’t see: Liv inside the moonbouce, holding onto the net, jumping up and down and telling Luke how great and bouncy it is!  We were in the kitchen laughing our butts off.  Parenthood-you gotta relish the funny stuff people!

Linda made me a super drink called Yucca:  1 5lb bag of ice, a bag of lemons, 1lb of sugar, 1 fifith of Absolut.   Put all in a big pot and stir (slice up the lemons) and enjoy….very sweet and yummy.  Also an added bonus-I felt great the next day-which was Mother’s Day!!  Linda got up early to head back to LaPlace and I had the day to myself in my jammies!  The kids gave me all sorts of handmade goodies and were very sweet.  JT spent the day cleaning up outside and I read my magazines, finished a book and watched a couple of movies-saaaweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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my lunch

Yummo as RR would say….yesterday’s lunch: romaine, spinach, tomatos, strawberries, chickpeas, boiled egg w/balsalmic and evoo-I forgot to eat the tangerine.  This was super-good and I was a bottomless pit after this!  Finally my manicotti filled me up-I should have taken a pic of it fresh from the oven, b/c now it doesn’t look as appealing, but it was fabulous too! 

I have got to get to work people, can’t entertain you all day w/my bird & food pics!

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Here Birdie Birdie

I spent a lot of my time off yesterday trying to snap a pic of Mama Cardinal in her nest…very silly, but I want that pic!  The problem is that we keep the plantation blinds halfway closed so we don’t scare her as we walk around in our bedroom.  Everytime I try to sneak in for the pic, she notices me and flies off.  I don’t want to do this too often, b/c I do want her on that nest….What a situation! 

Other than that lil project, I ran 7 miles (awesome!) grocery shopped, napped, cooked the best tofu/cheesey manicotti, and then had family night w/the kiddies.  We watched tv and ate dinner in the living room, then played dominos-and each of us won a game (Luke was very pleased with himself!)  All in all,  a good day!  And, JT came home before my bedtime (but had to go out again….)  There is one good thing about that- the kids can be as loud as they want in the AM, and they are!  I sent them out to the bus w/birds chirping, sun shining, lunches & snacks packed…..and I hear Luke yelling for me from the house as I’m enjoying my coffee ???  Who knows what was wrong, b/c the bus pulled up and drowned out his words.  I think it had something to do w/an argument w/Liv….these people!

sure do wish I had a pic or something exciting to post w/this entry.  Guess I’ll try again for Mrs. Cardinal….Happy Hump Day!

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Hail Yea

Just playing catch up around here!!  We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but luckily we watched the weather.  Saturday morning we were awakened by all kinds of racket-I did not know what I was hearing-HAIL and lots of it!  Big pieces, the size of potatoes (as Olivia described it).  JT’s first reaction: his truck!  I was worried that this gigantic, bomb-sized hail was going to break a window in the house.  It was falling almost sideways and hitting the big windows high up in our living room!  Seriously, people, this was loud and freaky!  

We have a mama cardinal living in a holly tree/bush outside of our bedroom window.  Apparently, she is sitting on eggs (Saturday evening K & I investigated!).  So, while all of this commotion is going on, I had to check on her.  I always wonder what happens to wildlife during bad storms.  Mama Cardinal was hunkered down, getting just a few drops on her, but seemed to be shielded from the hail…just a sidebar that I thought y’all would find interesting!

So, finally that storm passes, JT checks his truck-minimal damage on the roof and hood (it’s a TRUCK for pete’s sake!).  I eat breaky and stalk, consult my local weatherman and hubby and finally find what I think to be an hour long break on the radar.  I head out for a 6 miler.  Let me tell you people, there is  no better way to work on speed than racing a storm!  As I’m on about my last mile, on a deserted road (yes, I’m super smart, actually had a scholarship for college!) some kind gentleman pulls up and tells me “there is a bad storm coming, about 10-15 minutes out now”.  I told him I was on my way home and hauled bootay!  I know he was thinking, “dumba**!”  He didn’t know I had analyzed the radar and had an ace in the hole-JT in his hail truck!  I asked him to come look for me if the weather got really ominous and even gave him my route (something I don’t always do!).  As I’m in the home stretch, getting big fat cooling, drops, here comes my savior on his silver horse (ram?)!  I really wanted to finish 6, so I asked him just to follow me home, which he did!  Wasn’t that sweet of him???  Oh, and that last mile was really fast 🙂

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